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Chafing Dish

Stainless Steel


chafing dish

chafing dish

22.0" (558 mm) Long

13 7/8" (353 mm) Diameter

18 lbs. (8.2 kg)


Chafing Dish contains two interior serving dishes:

12 3/4" (324 mm) X 10 3/8" (264 mm)


A water dish that doubles as an oven baker:

21.0" (532 mm) X 12 7/8" (327 mm)


Chafing Dish is great for:

Large Special Events

Holiday Gatherings


Tailgate Parties




The 2 receptacles for using Sterno®, heats water contained in the main chafing dish, which keeps your food piping hot and enjoyable for hours.


Lifetime Warranty


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