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Waterless Cookware Special Features


Handy Hang-up

The handles are molded with a large eyelet that allows hanging up your cookware.


Self Storing Lids

Invert the cover and put it upside down in its pot.


Less Cupboard space

Cookware stacks neatly in a small area.


Warp-Resistant Bottoms

The special design of the bottom of each pot provides extra strength and rigidity that prevent warping. The cookware stays flat and hugs the burner for maximum heating efficiency while cooking. All pots (not lids) are oven safe to 350 degrees. Never use under a broiler.


Heat-Resistant Phenolic Handles and Knobs

Cool, comfortable, textured handles provide a firm, secure grip. Sockets are welded, won't turn, loosen or collect dirt. Stainless steel lock washers keep handles tight. Stainless steel flame guards between the handle and the pot protect all handles from direct heat. Knobs are designed for easy no-slip grasp and have finger guard on top of the cover.


Energy Efficient

Cooking on your cook top rather than using your oven is more energy efficient and you use less heat on your cook top burner by starting with medium heat and then turning it down to low, simmer or off. Using your cook top rather than your oven helps keep your kitchen cooler as well. (Details on cooking with waterless cookware)


Special Cover Design

The covers are specially designed to form a natural "water-seal" with the shoulder of the pot when cooking with lower heat. This self-sealing feature helps to maintain the foods moisture with its valuable minerals and delicious flavors.


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