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Advantages of NutriCuisine Professional Quality Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware


Save Money


There are 2 ways that cooking with surgical stainless steel waterless cookware can save you money.

1. Less Food Shrinkage

2. Use less Gas or Electricity with your stove top and oven


Cooking with normal cookware shrinks your food through evaporation of its moisture content. I am sure we are all familiar with that shrunken baked potato or the 12 oz. steak that ends up the size of a burger patty. It is not uncommon to have moisture losses of 30% in cooked food. By not having this moisture loss from cooked food it can save money on your grocery bill because a smaller quantity of food satisfies your hunger. The added benefit is it is healthier by providing more water in your diet which most people do not get enough of. Another benefit is that it may assist you with keeping a healthier body weight.

If you have not had the opportunity to see a waterless cookware demonstration live ask your friends if they have. Most people are very surprised how much less food it takes to fill you up.


When you cook with waterless cookware you cook at a much lower temperature. Normally you put your burner on high and then turn down the heat as necessary. With waterless cookware you start at medium heat or about the 6 o'clock position on your stove top and then turn your heat down from there. (Details on cooking with waterless cookware) Not having your heat on your burner turned up as high can save money.

Many foods we are use to baking or roasting in the oven. Using waterless cookware you now have the option of doing everything on you stove top, even baking a cake. Your stove top burner uses far less energy than heating up all that space in your oven. On those hot summer days its a cooler way to cook.

You can also save money by "Stack Cooking" with your waterless cookware.


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