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Advantages of NutriCuisine Professional Quality Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware


Save Time


There are 3 ways that cooking with surgical stainless steel waterless cookware can save you time.

1. Eliminates Pot Watching

2. Eliminates Stirring

3. Stack Cooking


Save time by no longer hovering over your cook top to make sure you are not burning your food. You no longer need to do this using your NutriCuisine Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware. Just listen for the steam control valve to whistle like your tea kettle and close the steam control valve. Then turn down your heat from medium to low, simmer or off. (Details on cooking with waterless cookware)

For those who are hearing impaired or if you want to save more energy you can turn down your heat as soon as you see steam coming out of your steam control valve. It is not necessary to wait to hear the whistle.


You also save time with your new waterless cookware by no longer having to be constantly worrying about having to stir the food you are cooking to prevent it from burning or to mix the ingredients better. It is possible to bake a cake on your cook top without even mixing the ingredients.


Have you even had to prepare a large meal and ran out of burners on your cook top for cooking more food? Many times 4 burners is not enough. Rather than cooking one dish and then having to take it off the cook top and put it somewhere else to keep that dish warm while you cook another dish on your cook top you can save time by "Stack Cooking".


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