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Taste Test


1. Take any of your favorite pots and add a cup of water.

2. Add a teaspoon of baking soda.

3. Boil the water.

4. Take a spoon and taste the water.


What does it taste like? Do you still want to eat the food cooked in that pot? Surgical Stainless Steel is not porous like cast iron, aluminum, copper, and other cookware. When you do this test with NutriCuisine Waterless Cookware the water tastes like it should, like soda water.


This is why prior to the use of titanium screws and plates used for surgery, surgeons used Surgical Stainless Steel.


Heavy Metal Poisoning

Most cookware leaches metals from the pot into the food that is cooked in it. Cast iron, aluminum, copper, and no-stick cookware can be a problem. Cast iron pots are so porous you can usually see the grease etc. coming through the bottom of the pan. Can you imagine what is living and growing in your cast iron frying pan? Aluminum has been linked to several diseases. Non-stick cookware has formaldehyde in it.

Have you ever used glass cookware? If you have, did you ever notice that the lid is always much darker in color than the pot after years of use? Often glass cookware is used without the lid on it. What has left the glass pot and gone into your food that makes it so much lighter in color than the lid after years of use?

The heavy metals that leech from poor quality cookware into your food are not the same as the minerals that your body needs for optimum health. Your body needs iron but iron from an iron pot or frying pan only contributes to heavy metal poisoning and is not healthy for you.

Today the average North American has 500% more heavy metals in their body than 100 years ago. Reducing or eliminating heavy metals in your body can greatly improve your overall health.


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