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Waterless Cooking with NutriCuisine Waterless Cookware


1. Always use the right pot. For best results pot should be about 2/3 full.

2. Rinse prepared fruits and vegetables in cold water. This helps remove harmful chemicals and pesticides and allows enough water to cling to the food to combine with their natural juices and cook the food in its own steam. Add 1/8" inch of water to provide enough steam to activate the steam control valve.

3. As you experiment with cooking different foods you may find that you do not need to add any extra water to your pot.

4. Start cooking on medium heat with the steam control valve in the open position.

5. Every stove top burner is different. A small electric burner may only have 50% of the power of a larger burner. Gas stove burners have different BTU outputs. You may find that your stove top works best with your starting heat a little lower than medium heat.

6. Listen for the whistle or wait until you see steam coming out of the steam control valve. If you choose to turn down the heat when you see steam coming out of the steam control valve rather that waiting to heat the whistle you can save energy and possibly preserve more nutrients by cooking your food less time on medium heat.

7. Close the steam control valve.

8. Turn the heat down to low, simmer or off to finish cooking.

9. Depending on what you are cooking will decide how low to turn the heat down. When I am cooking oatmeal I will boil my water, add the oatmeal then turn the heat off. When I am cooking a salmon fillet I will only turn the heat down to about the 8 o'clock position and cook the salmon for an additional 10 minutes.

10. One of the benefits of our waterless cookware is how long you can keep the food hot even after the heat is turned off. This is great when you do not know exactly what time you will be serving the food. As long as you do not lift the lid or open the steam control valve it is not uncommon for the food to stay hot for well over an hour. The nice thing is that in the mean time the food does not dry out.

11. Once the heat is turned down the pot begins to cool. This creates a vacuum or vapor seal between the pot and the lid. This air-tight heat seal keep the steam from escaping from your pot helping retain all your foods natural juices and flavor.

12. Resist the urge to peek! When the cover is removed while the food is still cooking, heat and steam are allowed to escape. This lengthens the cooking time and dries out the food.

13. If the lid locks on when the food is done, simply open the valve to release the vacuum an remove the lid.

14. Enjoy your tastier, healthier, more nutritious food!


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